Telnyashka Russian Striped Shirt

Telnyashka Russian striped shirt - usually blue or black color and white striped, sleeveless or not, undershirt, which is a quintessential uniform of the Russian Navy, the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) and the Russian Naval Infantry (marines), initially by Soviet predecessors of these troops. It has been a symbol of great military pride for those who wear it gradually becoming a broader symbol of masculinity and self-confidence. Very stylish and comfortable stretchy knit. 100% cotton. High quality! Does not fade from wash. The cut and pattern of this military shirt gives the illusion of broad shoulders and a thin waist, on both small and large bodies. Ideal Russian Souvenir - Russian Telnyashka! Ideal as an undershirt for sailors, fishermen and outdoorsmen. If you are looking for a present for your husband, boyfriend, boss or friend - be sure, he will be excited with this unusual and exceptional gift from Russia, and will keep warm memories of you for many years.

 11,45 € 
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