Flecktarn Tactical Vest

Tactical Vest Flecktarn Camo. Holds 8 AK Mags.
Has 4 pockets on chest (fits 2 AK47 / AK74 mags in each - 8 total). Shoulder pocket for radio, 4 grenade pockets, and 2 more spare pockets in front, 6 large cargo pockets on back. Front zipper, waist belt. Can be adjusted for any size.

 49,95 € 
Flecktarn Tactical VestTactical Vest Flecktarn Flecktarn Vestak 47 tactical vest flecktarn

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El chaleco es liviano y muy cómodo, permite llevar una enorme cantidad de magazines y puede ajustarse a distintos talles. Video Review https://youtu.be/EK-E4GiPHgc


Two rear pockets near the waist will hold standard US canteens.
Will accept AR-15 Mags!