Loners Stalker Patch Strelok Group

Stalker Loners / Free Stalkers / Neutral Stalkers / Strelok's Group Patch.
Embroidered. Made in Russia. High quality. Dimensions: 8x8 cm.

Loners are a nomadic semi-unified group of Stalkers who simply live off the Zone in order to earn some coin for their daily lives. Loners are neutral toward almost all other factions, but do have complications with the Military, and, to a lesser extent, the Mercenaries, and openly oppose the Bandit faction for their actions against free Stalkers. Most Loners are only concerned with the riches of the Zone, and do not pay attention to the other factions' hatred for each other - provided, of course, they do not threaten them. Because of this, Loners are often recruited by various factions as mercenaries.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, most of the Loners aren't in a faction (hence the name "Loner"); however, some have banded together into small factions, most notably in the Cordon. In the Cordon, Wolf leads the group and helps train new stalkers, preparing them for what they will face later in the Zone. They hold the small hamlet near Sidorovich's bunker, but most of the Cordon is under Military control. They are at war with the Bandit faction.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, the Loners are a full-sized faction, at war with the Bandits because they are tired of being harassed, robbed, and extorted. The faction is joinable, and their main base of operations is the farm north of the bridge and tunnel in the Cordon. Here, Scar experiences the beginning of the war with the Military in Shadow of Chernobyl. Most of the Cordon is under Stalker control, with units in almost every other location. They hold The Barrier in the Army Warehouses, keeping the Mutants and Monolith at bay.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, the Loners are again an organized Faction of artifact hunters. Their main base is Skadovsk, an old beached freighter. Many are employed by Beard, an artifact dealer. They are still at war with the Bandit faction. If Alexander Degtyarev gets in favor with the Loners, the faction size will increase, and Beard's prices will lower. Conversely, if that happens, Owl's prices increase. If Call of Pripyat ends in peace between Duty and Freedom, most members of those two factions leave to join the Loners.

Strelok's Group

Strelok has been one of the greatest stalkers the Zone has ever seen, but even he couldn't do many of the feats he achieved without support from others. He maintained a very tight, close knit circle of friends with whom he scoured the Zone, looking for a way to reach the center of the Zone and figure out the nature of the Monolith.

Usually, he traveled with Ghost and Fang. They made several trips beyond the Brain Scorcher and eventually managed to reach the power plant and penetrate the Sarcophagus, locating the access door to the Monolith Control Center. Chased out of it, Strelok was nearly shot to death just moments before an emission, but, at great risk to themselves, his friends managed to haul him off to a safe spot.


The group fell apart after Strelok went alone to the Chernobyl NPP, shadowed by Clear Sky and Scar. Fang ended up shot by a scarred stalker in the village near the Military Warehouses, while Ghost ran jobs for the Ecologists, who got killed later in X16 by a Controller. Only Guide, Doctor and Strelok survived.

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Loners Stalker Patch Strelok Group