SSO Waist Belt RS 31

Russian Tactical Military Waist Belt PC-31 RS-31 Black, Olive by SSO Special belt designed to carry equipment. Equipment (bags, pouches of various types) are attached to the belt with the help of loops or metal hooks - clamps with sliding locks of the ALICE system. The belt is made from a rigid polyester tape 50 mm wide and 2 mm thick. The tape is sheathed from the inside with a soft velcro-type textile fastener and edged. The belt is fastened with a quick-release lock made of a high-strength polymer. The free ends of the belt are threaded into the adjusting slits of the polymer lock, fitted in volume and fixed with a rigid textile fastener and removable loops from the belt tape.

 12,99 € 
SSO Waist Belt RS 31SSO Waist BeltRS 31 belt