Sniper Hood Kapkan

This Kapkan hood (Kapkan is a character from Rainvbox Six SIege videogame) is shaped like a cape with shoulders and sleeves. This type of hoods is also known under the name Viper hood.

Made from blended fabric Rip-Stop.


- Can be used as Ghillie Suit Foundation - stitched straps for fastening masking leafs, camo fabric straps.
- On the sides of the sniper hood there are mesh inserts to improve hearing and ventilation.
- The front cover is fastened with Duraflex fastex.
- Adjustment system with tension cords.

- One size fits most.

- Fits over most tactical helmets.
Russian digital flora EMR camo pattern.

 46,99 € 
kapkan hoodkapkan hoodsniper hoodSniper Hood Kapkan