Russian Military Spetsnaz Tactical Vest Digital Flora EMP

Standard Russian military spetsnaz tactical vest in digital flora camouflage pattern. EMP
Has 4 pockets on chest (fits 2 AK47 / AK74 mags in each - 8 total).
Shoulder pocket for radio, 4 grenade pockets, and 2 more spare pockets in front,
6 large cargo pockets on back.
Front zipper, waist belt. Can be adjusted for any size.

54,95 €

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will accept AR-15 Mags!

Thomas Carney

This vest has a LOT of pockets and is quite a bit lighter than a standard US military LBE and MUCH lighter than a Blackhawk ISSAK vest or an M240 SAW vest but holds just as much. This just might be the SHTF vest. The two rear pockets near the waist will hold standard US canteens.

Comrade Dog

What is the name of this vest? if anybody could tell me, i would be very grateful.