Russian Military Spetsnaz Camo Uniform Suit PARTIZAN

Russian Military Special Forces (Spetsnaz) Camo Uniform Suit Light weight cotton summer suit. "Partizan" camo pattern. (partisan) Introduced around 2004, the SS-leto (SS Summer) pattern is heavily influenced by WW2 German SS oakleaf pattern camouflage. The style of uniform is also called Partizan. The summer version of the pattern features loam, dark brown & sandy yellow shapes on a moss green background. An autumn version incorporates black, loam, dark brown, ochre & moss green shapes on a sandy background. Both patterns are popular with Russian special operations troops in the VSR and MVD, as well as the Spetsgruppa Al'fa of the FSB, who were the initial users. New. Made in Russia. Jacket and pants. Jacket with zipper and hood. Pants have loops for a wide belt. Elastic inserts in waist, sleeves and pants.

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Eddie Adams

which company is this from??

Eddie Adams

when was this made?? and which company?? also this is used by russian military ??


small company in Russia. yes, it is in use.