Maska 1 Helmet

Famous russian special forces helmet Maska 1 (Maska-SCh1). (Airsoft replica)

Maska 1 helmet was in use by the Russian MVD until being largely replaced by the aluminum ZSh-1-2.
Impact resistant fiberglass, real weight, real steel visor 2mm, real straps. One size fits all.
Original weight, real steel visor, real straps.

One size fits all.

Cosplay Maska- 1 Tachanka Helmet (Rainbox Six Siege) is also available.

 163,00 € 
Maska 1 HelmetMaska HelmetMaska-SCh1Russian Military Helmet Maska-SCh1Maska 1 HelmetMaska 1 HelmetMaska Helmet