Russian Military Sniper Skull Cap Face Mask Balaclava Bandana Hat

Russian Military Sniper Scull Cap Face Mask Balaclava Bandana Hat
Made of wicking jersey similar wicking underwear at VKBO BTX groups.
Balaclava-liner combines the mask and hood, it is possible to use as a scarf or face mask-scarf.
You can easily close or open face.
Good air permeability, thin, soft, universal size.

Balaklava "Sniper" - it is a completely new approach to the elements of the individual equipment. Developed taking into account the views of the representatives of the special services and law enforcement agencies.

The elongated neck for easy filling balaclavas into the collar of jacket;
Comfortable during long wear;
Good air permeability;
One size fits all;
Not irritating skin;
Fast drying;
wicks moisture;

Positive feedback was received from:
Fans of extreme sports;
Representatives of law enforcement agencies;

Withstands long exposure:
High temperature of water environment;
UV light;

Recommendations for care:
Hand or machine wash up to 60 degrees;
Ironing is not required.

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