Plash Palatka Canvas Tarp Russian Military Poncho

Plash Palatka is Russian Army canvas tarp that is used as a poncho, rain cape, tent, grounsheet. Genuine Soviet surplus. Plash-Palatka (russian: плащ-палатка) - waterproof canvas tarpaulin 180 x 180 cm (5.9' x 5'9).
Soviet Red Army soliders use Plash palatkas as a single shelter or small and large tents (2 or more tarps are needed to build a tent). Army tarp can also be used as a stretcher to carry wounded people, a hommack, a bag to carry something, even a boat. There are many other uses of this tarp can be found by a soldier's savvy brain. Made in 1981 or older. Perfect condition.

 14,95 € 
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