Gas Mask PMK 3

PMK 3 Russian Gas Mask Kit. MIlitary. Original unused Soviet military surplus from a military warehouse. The gas mask PMK-3 is designed to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes of the personnel from the effects of poisonous, radioactive, potent poisonous substances, bacterial agents, radioactive dust, and light radiation from a nuclear explosion. The gas mask PMK-3 can be used in all climatic zones in the summer, autumn, winter and spring periods of the year in night and day conditions, at temperatures from minus 40 ° С to 40 ° С and relative humidity up to 98%. The gas mask PMK-3 provides the possibility of receiving water in an infected atmosphere. Main characteristics: - Resistance to breathing on inhalation at a constant air flow rate of 30 l / min, (Pa) mm of water. Art. - 180 (18) -resource filter - 240 h., -continuity of continuous stay - 24h, -intelligibility of speech - 95%, -Working interval of temperatures, ° С - 40 ... + 50.

The gas mask kit consists of a mask, a filter-absorbing box, a gas mask carrying bag, anti-fogging film and special drinking straw device, compatible with standard Russian military water bottle.
The canteen (aluminum 0.7L with belt case) is available for purchase optionally.

 54,99 € 
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In case anyone is unsure, this gas mask is compatible with NATO filters. The bag comes with a 40mm threaded plastic adapter. It is a very short tube with a rubber diaphragm which you can see in the lower right corner of the first display image above.
Does this website sell a canteen which is compatible with the drinking tube on this mask?


Hey I was wondering, will this mask with the 40mm adapter and appropriate filters be considered NBC protected? I'm not finding that my purchase could be used to protect myself from COVID-19. I'm hoping despite the age of this item it will still function to keep me safe.


Yes, sure it works.


Hello, I already have a PMK3, but I only have one filter for it. Do you sell the filters alone?

Don Diego

Hi, my shopping cart has just under $100 USD in it, but before I hit the Buy button I'd like to confirm kit contains drinking straw (not pictured. I've ordered canteen too).
The filter pictured comes with it, yes? I want one (and will source more elsewhere) and will also need another adaptor as I wish to use two filters.
Thanks, Don~


Yes, sure, the drinking straw and filter are included.