Gorka 4

Gorka 4 Suit by Bars Company. Genuine.
Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) Military uniform with tag.
Gorka-4 complements the range of modern Russian spetsnaz mountain Gorka suits which became widespread in units of the Russian Army and internal troops. The suit consists of anorak jacket with hood and pants with suspenders. Loose-fitting for unrestrained movement & extra layers of clothing. Made of a dense base layer of cotton, in the style of the old Plash Palatka rain capes, combined with reinforcing strong polycotton fabric in all hard wearing areas. Elastics on the sides and wrists of jacket and on the waist and around the calves of pants that provides the best fit of the suit and lesser wind resistance. Entrances to side pockets are protected by special strap. Front pocket for documents. Reinforcing fabric on sleeves of jacket is made in a form of pockets which can be used for placing elbow protection pads inside. Adjustable hood with visor. Pants have two side cargo pockets, two rear and two in side seam. Bottom of the trousers has straps, lockable in 3 positions. "These suits can be seen on the machine gunners of air assault team, on FSB security officer, and Special Forces sniper detachment of Internal troops - everybody certainly like this successful thing that has become a symbol of belonging to "the workers of the war". "Military Intelligence" Magazine.

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Comments (42)

Eddie Adams

is this Gorka4 Made in BARS??


Yes, it is Bars Gorka

Eddie Adams

Which company??? and when was this made???
Also is this Gorka 4 used by russian military??


We often receive new stocks from Bars. So, all Bars suits are usually not older than 1 year. Sure, it is in military use.

Aaron ray

I was wondering if i could get this uniform in olive?


sorry, there is no original Bars completely olive Gorkas-4. only 2 colored.


I am curious if Gorka 4 is warmer than Gorka 3?Or are they the same?


They are almost the same. The only difference is Gorka-3 is buttoned and Gorka-4 is anorak (puts on like a sweater - jacket without buttons).


I'm looking for a "Gorka-4 (Bars)" in Size 46-3... On your description you only show the width sizing (i.e. 46), but don't show the height sizing (i.e. 3: which is for 5'7" / 170cm height). How can I be sure that my order is this correct size? Thanks, C


Yes, we have 46-3. Just email us after placing the order that you need 46-3

Spencer Camden

does this Gorka have Velcro for the patches?


no, it does not have


Just wanted to Thanks , Took about a month to get here to the U.S , amazing quality, definitely would order again, very happy!!! Thanks again.....


Hello, I do not understand your size system. I measure 180cm and weigh 90kg which size should I choose? Thank you.


What are your chest and waist measurements?


is size 48 fitting for me? I'm 1,80 meters and my pant size is 30x32


What is your chest size?


Hello I am interested in buying the product but I do not clarify with the sizes. I measure 1'82 cm, chest 90cm waist 85 cmm and weight 73 kg. Thanks!


It is hard to say. May be try size 48.


Just received my order and am very happy. Took just under a month to arrive in Denver, CO, US. I ordered a 42 Chest and 34 waist. I'm 5'8" with a 30" inseam. The top fits good and the pants are a little long and a little loose in the waist, but will probably fit better over jeans or thermals. The material seems really durable and well made.


I need a size 46 top but my waist is more like a 48, is there enough elastic in the pants to take up the couple of inches?


Yes, size 46 pants should be ok even for 48-50


Absolutely delighted with this suit. Great quality and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's well worth the wait.

Chris S.

Is this suit weather resistant like the gorka 3 winter suit? I plan on using it for the winter snowy/rainy seasons.


It is somewhat water resistant. But it will soak in heavy rain. Not very suitable for rainy seasons.


I am sorry to ask, but I did not quite get along with the sizes; I am 40", 40" waist and 6'2". What would be my appropriate size and do you need me to email you about the height after ordering?


WHat is your chest size?


I am 1.87m what height size would I need, also my waist and chest sizes are 100 - 100, what would be my appropriate size?


Are you sure you measured correct? If measuements are correct, you need different sizes for jacket and pants. Sorry, we sell them only in the same russian size. FOr example size 50 pants with size 50 jacket. While you need size 50 jacket and size 58 pants.


Hello I just ordered a size 46, I am 5'10 with a 38" chest. My question is will the top half stretch enough that I could wear things underneath? Or should I get the next size up? Also are you able to change my order after I have placed it?


Yes, we can change, but size 46 will be ok for your need. Gorkas are quite bulky fit.


Thank you for the response. I am very excited to have such a nice suit. I also ordered a watch from you guys. I was referred by Lars over at Survival Russia, if you're reading this and don't know about him type it into youtube.He a really cool guy and shares a lot of good info on his channel. I will stop back once my package comes and give other potential buyers my opinion, which will undoubtedly be positive. God bless you all!


Great customer service, quick response when you got some questions and the recommended size fits perfect! This clothing is going to be my all seasons outfit during hiking, fishing and hunting. Ordered my Gorka 4 jan 26 and today the mailman brought me a valentine gift <3 Happy valentines day / Marcus, Sweden.



I want to thank the package arrived in excellent condition to Colombia and the quality of the uniform is imprecionante the materials the design to the size I am very grateful I hope to continue buying more items in your store as I love and always the Russian and Soviet culture facina me from colombia from the city of pasture my gratitude and I will be encontacto to buy more articles

Thanks for the shipping



Is the gorka 4 a replica, civilian or military grade?



It is Original Bars Gorka-4 military grade. Bars is a company that supplies Russian army.

Dave Watts

After two weeks I got my Gorka 4 and it was pristine. I'll definitely be buying from y'all again. Thanks again.


Hi. I just ordered a size 58. I'm 48" chest, 38" waist and 5'10 tall. Will it be to long in the arms and legs?


no, it will be ok. Thank you!


Hi from Canada, just wanted to chime in. I order a Groka 4 and very pleased. After reading the comments and playing with the suit, you can tell the service is accurate. Excellent work!


A+++ I was worried about getting the correct sizes, you shouldn't order based off the sizes you think you are, always contact them with your measurements and they can advise you.

Just wanted to say, thank you for all your help, everything has now arrived and everything fits great! Don't bother shopping anywhere else for Russian military gear.