Flecktarn d

Flecktarn D is not quite correct name , though, and D means the country - Denmark, where it came from. Danish uniforms of 1944-1958. After the 2nd world war the army of Denmark used M/44 based on British Battledress. While the soldiers worn uniforms produced in Denmark or Sweden, and also delivered from England. Such a variety of manufacturers led to slight differences , such as the colors. However uniforms lasted until 1958, when it was replaced by M/58 - more modern, like the American M65. Early models were Khaki color and had no shoulder straps, more recent (since 1961 ) were in the colors of "Olive Green" and with shoulder straps. Soldier did not like that uniform. It also did not meet the standards of the time and some soldiers purchased its counterparts at their own expense, e.g. the American M65. T/78 In the early 70 of the last century, it became clear that the military needed a new camo uniform. At that time Germany introduced five-color Flecktarn. It was chosen as a base for the new uniform. In 1978, Denmark has developed T/78 pattern. T means Testuniform. From 5 Flecktarn colors only 3 left: black, light green and olive. The selected colors correspond to the Scandinavian landscape. M/84 after testing and making a number of modifications (including the change of color) T/78 pattern evolved in M/84. In 1984, the uniform started and in 2 years completely replaced M/58. The resubmitted uniform was full and comprehensive :) It included outerwear, thermal underwear, handling systems , etc. The original Danish design is protected by all conceivable laws, and it is very difficult to find outside of Denmark. But commercial companies found a way out, and manufactured slightly modified patterns. There are even "snow" variant. This sequence of events led to the emergence of Flecktarn-D. The pattern was introduced in Russia in 2006, and gained popularity in the VDV (Airborne Forces), where it is used at present. Some other special divisions also use it. This pattern is also met in Russia with the names "Tochka" (Point), " Ryaska" (duckweed), "Sever" (North). See available products in flecktarn d camo pattern.

Flecktarn-D Camouflage Pattern