Do not chatter on the telephone! - Soviet Russian Propaganda Poster

Soviet Russian Propaganda Poster
The Russian sign says: "Do not chatter on the telephone! Babbler is a godsend for the enemy!"
17x11 inch size
Exclusive Museum Quality reprints. Attractive And Colorful Artwork. (The Pictures Don't Do Them Justice).
Full 4 Color Printing on Sturdy 80 lb. Poster Stock Paper Perfect For Framing.
Posters will be Carefully Rolled up and Delivered in a Sturdy Cardboard Tube.

Lamination Is A Terrific Option!
1. It Makes The Colors Deeper & Richer
2. Its Totally Impervious To Moisture, Rips & Tears
3. It Adds a Layer of UV Protection To Prevent Fading

13,16 €