Gorka Uniform T-Shirt

Gorka Uniform T-Shirt. Recommended!!! Great shirts! Excellent quality! And the same as Bars Gorka suit sizing - bulky - we recommend to choose one size smaller.
Bars Gorka T-Shirt Olive-Brown GURZA - VIPER New, genuine Bars t-shirt called "Gurza" (Viper). Matching Gorka BDU olive - brown color pattern. High quality very comfortable t-shirt. Anatomical cut is slightly shape - fitting. Sport sleeve does not restrain movement. Fabric: 92% cotton / 8% lycra. 185 grams / sqare meter.

 12,49 € 
Gorka Uniform T-Shirt GURZA - VIPERatacs t-shirtGorka Uniform Suit T-Shirt Olive-Brown GURZA - VIPER

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The most comfortabe and best training t-shirts I have. Really high quality. Flexible, soft and good fit. Like second skin. Top quality.