ADLER SSO Assault 3-Days Patrol Backpack 35L ATACS Camo Moh

ADLER SSO Assault 3-Days Patrol Backpack 35L ATACS Camo (Moh or Moss (Russian))

A serious piece of equipment designed to ensure the autonomy and survival of its owner for several days. The scope of such a backpack is wide: military, hunting, tourism, everyday active use. The design of the backpack, for today, can be called classic, which indirectly confirms the success of the design. We look at the full face - rounded top, rectangular base; in profile - a neat rectangle. Approximate overall dimensions (taking into account the average fullness): 540х330х200 mm. The backpack consists of the main compartment with its own pocket under the drinking system and two external pockets. The overall design of the product is very thorough. The backpack has impressive leading seams, reinforced with linings made of strong polyamide slings in places most susceptible to load and wear. The main material of the backpack is a special high-density synthetic fabric. The fabric, on the outside, has a smooth non-abrasive texture (that is, it does not rustle, does not retain dust and dirt, lets it roll freely to the drops of water) and does not shine and reflects light slightly. The inside of the fabric is treated with a special water-repellent impregnation. We return to the pockets: strong polyamide zippers on a rigid nylon base securely close both pockets and the main compartment of the backpack. In addition to the zipper of the small front pocket, the other zippers have two pawls, which makes it equally easy to open them with either hand. The strength of lightning allows you to open them "on the tug," which is important in any emergency. The zipper design of the main compartment allows you to open the backpack almost in half, like a suitcase, providing immediate access to all contents. To partially remove the load from this zipper, the backpack is equipped with two pairs (top and bottom) of adjustable pulling lines on fasteners. They also allow you to pull the entire volume of the backpack, if it is not fully loaded. While the backpack itself seems compact, the volume of the main compartment looks impressive. Inside the main compartment, adjacent to the back panel, is a neat deep pocket, containing a three-liter drinking system or a folder with A4-sized cards. At the bottom of the main compartment there are two large eyelets for water drainage. The large outer pocket is also impressive in volume. While it is empty, it is not visible at all, it can easily fit a standard notebook with a diagonal of 40 cm. The outer outer pocket, as it were integrated into the outer wall of the backpack and at first sight, does not have volume, looks flat. Its lightning goes at a slight angle to the horizon, making it easier to open with a movement from below to up. Opening the pocket, we see that his volume is almost equal to the older comrade, but here there is a special twist - two separate membranes from a dense synthetic fabric divide the pocket into three smaller compartments with convenient access to each of them. One of the offices is an organizer with miniature cells for a variety of trivia. In general, this outer outer pocket is a convenient storage for medicines, batteries, small-sized communication and navigation equipment, writing supplies, etc. Now about the main thing. It is well known that the final choice of a backpack by an informed user depends on the correspondence of the design of its external dorsal panel to the anatomical structure of the human back. "Adler" / "Three days" and did not fail here - contact with the back is carried out by three elastic panels covered with a soft and strong ventilating grid. The two upper ones are arranged vertically, to the right and left of the center of the back, allowing air to circulate freely. Under the central bottom panel, supported by the rump, is a channel with fastening elements for a developed removable belt. The right and left halves of the belt also have soft mesh panels that come in contact with the user's body. In the front part, the belt turns into a strong 50 mm sling with fixation of the buckle-fastek. On the back of the backpack hold two S-shaped soft straps with the inner surface of the same ventilating mesh. The straps are reinforced with sturdy polyamide straps connecting at the bottom of the backpack with the same retractable lines through steel wing-type buckles. From loss and slipping from the back of the user, the backpack insures a sturdy, adjustable in volume and height, chest strap on the fastener-fastek. For the centering and pulling of the backpack on the back, each of the straps, in the lower part, has a loop formed from the strap. On the outer side of the shoulder straps there are steel half rings to secure the small equipment and additional sewn elements from the lines to fix the hose of the drinking system. The hose itself can be withdrawn from the main compartment through a narrow valve, hidden under the central carrying handle at the top of the backpack.
Two more handles, loops, facilitating a quick grip or holding the backpack by two people, are located at the sides, at the bottom of the backpack. Of course, like many other modern backpacks, "Adler" / "Three-Day" allows you to carry equipment not only inside, but also outside of your volume, thanks to the presence on the external free surfaces of the developed counterpart of the PALS / MOLLE fastening standard. All the slings that form the fixing cells are sewn with a special reinforced seam, in strict geometric conformity with the fastening standard. Additional convenience at the same time creates, included in the kit with a backpack, four tie-down polyamide slings with a lock-fastek on each of them. Slings easily pass through the MOLLE cells, allowing you to create almost any combination of attaching attachments. In the lower part of the face of the backpack there are three rows, six full MOLLE cells, eight rows (2-3 cells each) are located on each of the two side walls and three rows (6 cells each) are located on the bottom of the "Three Day". If this is not enough, a part of the additional equipment can be placed on the right and left walls of the removable belt (two rows per five cells on each side). In the upper part of the backpack, on the right and left, there are also built-in adjustable buckle-wing fasteners, which also serve as handles for carrying. Thus, when using additional covers and pouches of the MOLLE standard and clamping sling, the backpack turns into a central element of the field transport modular system. Each of the backpack zippers is reliably covered with a double-layered water-repellent cloth valve. All dogs of lightning are equipped with tambourines made of synthetic cord, greatly facilitating the manipulation of the backpack. Removable belt is equipped with additional attachments for winding and retaining excess straps. All the few places of exit of the edges of the fabric are turned inside the volume of the backpack and protected by an additional edging. Due to the successful selection of materials, the backpack has a certain constructive rigidity that allows it to keep its shape even in empty or half-empty form. Another small pleasantness is the presence on the front side of the backpack of two sites with the back of the fastening-Velcro for placing various identification emblems, symbols and insignias.

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