6SH112 Chest Rig Tactical Vest Backpack Digital Flora UMTBS Scout - Gunner

We have machine gunner version now only. (SEE PICTURE 2 for machine-gunner set)
It has 3 big pouches for PK ammo (9 ak mags fits in each). instead of the small ak mag pouches in scout-shooter version.
Everything else is the same "scout-gunner" set.

Complete brand new, russian special forces 6SH112 UMTBS tactical chest rig system in digital flora camo pattern.
Vest with many pouches and backpack in "scout-shooter" set includes:
Vest base (6SH112)
2 pouches for:
2 AK74(AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch;
2 pouches for:
2 AK74(AKM) mags;
4 hand grenades (RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1) pouches;
2 universal pouches (120x35x95 mm);
1 pouch for entrenching shovel;
1 battle rucksack (7 L);
1 patrol rucksack (24 L);
There is also white rain cover for backpack.
Total weight of all system - 3.3 KG.
Waist belt can be adjusted145/2.54 to fit up to 145cm (57 inches)
Great kit for airsoft, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities.
Durable military quality.

139,00 €

Comments (6)


Is the AK version of this vest in stock right now?


Yes, both are in stock now.

Comrade Potato

Any idea on a restock of the Scout/AK version coming back in stock?


Are you planning to restock the ak version again?


Sorry, no