40mm Gas Mask Filter

Brand new Russian 40mm gas mask filter canister.
Fits most Russian (GP-5 gas mask, GP-7, PMG, PMK and other), Soviet and foreign gas masks with standard 40mm thread.

High efficiency 3rd class aerosol protection!
That is: fine mist, suspensions, smoke, bacteria, viruses.

Pictured old Soviet GP-7 gas mask filter (green) is just for comparison.

Combined filter A2B2E2P3 R D
For cleaning polluted air from aerosol particles of highly toxic substances contained in dust, smoke or fog (P), as well as from:
organic vapor (A);
gases and vapors of inorganic substances, except for CO (B);
acid gases (E).

The gas mask filter as a part of a gas mask protects against:
    organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C (benzene, toluene, xylene, gasoline, kerosene, organo-halides, nitro compounds of benzene and its homologs, alcohols, aniline, ketones, tetraethyl lead, etc.) - class of substances A;
    inorganic gases and vapors (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, sulfur hydride, arsines, hydrogen phosphorus, etc.), with the exception of carbon monoxide - class of substances B;
    acid gases and vapors (sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen fluoride, vapors of sulfuric, acetic, formic, nitric, phosphoric acids, etc.) - class of substances E;
    aerosols (dust, smoke, fog) - a class of substances R.

The filter is used with a volume fraction of free oxygen of at least 17%.
The filter housing is made of special plastic.
Shelf life 5 years.

 24,99 € 
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