Russian VDV - Airborne Troops (Airborne Forces)

Russian VDV - Airborne Troops (Airborne Forces) are a kind of armed forces intended to cover the enemy by air and carry out tasks in its rear to disrupt command and control, capture and destroy ground elements of precision weapons, disrupt the deployment of reserves, disrupt the work of the rear and communications, as well as covering (defending) certain areas, open flanks, blocking and destroying landed airborne assault forces, enemy groupings that have broken through and other tasks.

Airborne forces are also often used as rapid reaction forces as well as there are many airborne special forces (spetsnaz) divisions.

The main method of delivery of airborne troops is parachute landing. Also units can be delivered by helicopters; during the Second World War, gliders delivery was practiced.

In different countries, airborne troops are called in different ways: air infantry, winged infantry, rapid reaction forces, airborne troops, highly mobile landing troops, commandos (British) and others.

In peacetime, the Airborne Troops perform the basic tasks of maintaining combat and mobilization readiness at a level that ensures their successful use for the intended purpose.

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