GORKA-3 Digital Flora Mountain BDU Uniform Suit Russian Spetsnaz

Genuine Gorka-3 olive / digital flora camo pattern.
Gorka-3 is a Russian military uniform suit designed for mountain divisions (the word "Gorka" originates from Russian word "mountain"). This BDU first appeared in the Soviet army during the Afghanistan war, then widely use during Chechen wars and other conflicts. It is mainly used by special forces (spetsnaz) of MVD, FSB, VDV (airborne), GRU.
Loose fit jacket with buttons has adjustable hood with a small peak, 2 sleeve velcro pockets, 2 side pockets with special flap to avoid falling items out of the pocket. Tightening cords at waist and neck.
Pants with removable braces (attached on left and right sides) have 2 cargo pockets, 2 back pockets. Pants and calves of the jacket have elastic tightening inserts for more firmly fitting to a body, allowing less wind and sand to get inside of the sleeves and reduce windage.
The suit is made of thick 100% cotton fabric (olive) with digital flora (60/40 cotton/poly) inserts. High wear and weather resistance and protection.
Please consider that these suits designed to be worn over other clothes or body armor or other military equipment, so the fit is bulky. If you do not plan to wear it over other clothes but just in regular way, you should order 1 or 2 sizes smaller. For example if your size is 52, you should order 50, or even 48 for exact fit.

64,99 €

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love the way this uniform looks and function
will order next week


I know this is a redundant question,
I wear American Large. What would be an appropriate size for me, considering that it is very bulky?


Sorry, to be sure in the correct size, could you measure your chest and waist sizes please?


Well my height is 177cm, and I weight 96kilo... 54 like the right size, but I read it's bigger than what it's supposed to be.
The lengths are adjustable, yes?


So 52 or 54?
I would like little bit of space, not to much.
(Sorry for all these questions)


Well, what are your chest and waist mesurements?


chest 44 waist 45


sorry, made mistake, 41 is waist. chest is also 41


Well, it is hard to say. may be try 56.


Sorry but do u have this uniform in 60 size???? I wear 42" trousers, i will wear the uniform without clothes but i want it to be loose!!! So is 58 better or 60????


yes, we have size 60 also, but 58 will be ok.


So this week my Gorka arrived, fast shipment and fits perfect. Will order more equipment in the future.

Keep it up.

Огpомное спасибо


Q: I want to use this suit for airsoft and I want to know is it waterproof and does it make a lot of noise when I am moving because of material that is made of?


It is not 100% waterproof. It is thick cotton called "tent cloth" in Russian. It will protect from a small rain, but it will soak in pouring rain.
Quite silent, I would say.


Has BARS's Gorka much more quality than BDU's Gorka ?


BDU is not manufacturer. BDU is "Battle Dress Uniform".