6SH116 Russian Chest Rig Tactical Vest Backpack Digital Flora New Set

6SH116 Chest Rig Tactical Vest Backpack Digital Flora. Complectation - Senior Shooter
100% new sealed 6SH116 set.
Differs from the previous 6sh112 with more powerfull lumbar belt-part, system of tightening clips and larger mesh area.
Vest base (6SH116)
2 pouches for:
2 AK74(AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch and bayonet knife;
2 pouches for:
2 AK74(AKM) mags;
4 hand grenades (RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1) pouches;
2 pouches for 5 VOG-25 Shots
2 universal pouches;
1 pouch for entrenching shovel;
1 pouch for radio;
1 medical pouch;
1 pouch for water bottle;
1 battle rucksack (7 L);
1 patrol rucksack (24 L);
repair kit, passport, manual, bag.
The vest is quite universal as for sizing - it can be adjusted to fit sizes 46 - 60 with height 164 - 195 cm.
Great kit for airsoft, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities.
Durable military quality.

175,00 €